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Conscious Nomads & Purpose Travelling

As the world continues to embrace a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle, more millennials and nomad travellers are finding ways to align their values with their travels.

Conscious nomads are travellers who prioritize eco-friendliness, cultural immersion and personal growth in their travels, while destination travellers are more focused on experiencing a new location and its attractions.

Both conscious nomads and destination travellers can find ways to incorporate yoga into their travels. For conscious nomads, this can mean finding sustainable yoga retreats that align with their values, participating in local yoga classes, and practicing yoga outdoors in nature. For destination travellers, yoga can be a way to balance the excitement and stimulation of exploring new places, and to take a break from the busyness of travel.

Yoga can also be a way to connect with the local community and culture of a place. Many countries and cities have unique yoga practices and styles that can be explored and experienced firsthand. For example, in India, travellers can immerse themselves in traditional Hatha yoga, while in Bali, they can explore the vibrant yoga community that combines Hindu, Buddhist and Javanese traditions.

By combining yoga and travel, you can experience a more meaningful and fulfilling travel experience. Whether you're a conscious nomad seeking sustainable yoga retreats, or a destination traveller looking to incorporate yoga into your itinerary, there are many ways to find peace and connection through movement.


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